Mossroddich Trout Loch Opening Times

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Mossroddich Trout Loch Opening Times

Tickets: 1st March to 31st October

Prices / Deposits

   Day    £25.00    8hrs    2
   Evening    £20.00    4hrs    1
   Junior    £20.00    8hrs    1

There are no boats available at the moment, however, many fishermen enjoy fishing from the hard bottom shallows but waders are advisable. A daily (8hr) ticket costs £25 and a two fish limit applies (brown trout to be returned).

Payments must be made in advance by bank transfer, details will be provided upon making a booking.

Mossroddich is strictly fly fishing only with a two fish per person limit (CAR thereafter) and Sunday fishing is allowed. (Brown trout must be returned).

Mossroddich is stocked regularly with fish between 2lb and 5lb with the occasional heavier fish weighing up to 20lb for good measure!

We welcome novices and young enthusiasts and are happy to encourage them to fish.

• Fly fishing only
• Rainbow and brown trout (brown trout must be returned)
• 2 Fish per person per day or 1 fish evening ticket limit
• Sunday fishing
• Bank only
• Tuition available

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